Lee County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

Need an attorney?


The Lee County Bar Lawyer Referral Service can help you. We are a non-profit program that refers members of the public to private attorneys. The attorneys are members in good standing with the Florida Bar and the Lee County Bar Association who have registered with our service.

We charge a non-refundable $50 administrative fee to use our service except in cases of malpractice or personal injury. Payment must be received in our office before an attorney will be assigned then we will provide you with the contact information of an attorney who will meet with you for an up to 30 minute consultation. For a fast and convenient way to submit your request, fill out the form now. Please allow up to 72 hours for processing.

Pay online for the $50 administrative fee here.

Lawyer Referral Service hours are 9-Noon and 1-4, Monday through Friday.
2077 First Street No. 207
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Email: lrs@leebar.org
Phone: (239) 334-0047
Walk-ins are welcomed.

Pro Bono (Free) Legal Assistance

Office of the Public Defender (Lee County)
Lee County Justice Center
1700 Monroe Street, 6th Floor
Fort Myers, FL 33901
(239) 533-2911

Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc.
(239) 334-4554
Covering most areas of the law except criminal. Prequalification for pro bono legal assistance must be applied for through FRLS.

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